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Far far away, behind the word, far from the countries.

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Far far away, behind the word, far from the countries.

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An Elegant Destination that is tranquil with an inviting atmosphere. It is designed for awakening your five senses. We incorporate layers of QUALITY & SERVICE in all of our massages and treatments unmatched anywhere else. Every amenity is a seamless integration of detail. Every detail is simply YOURS. So let the Experience begin. Relax, Unwind, Discover and Delight. In the most literal sense, INDULGE YOURSELF in everything we offer…

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Sole Natural Massages

Experience our world famous Sole Natural Massages today and enter a word of Sole Relaxation and bliss as we work your muscles and every inch of your body. Treat yourself today.

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Services We Offer


See our daily specials at Sole Natural and see what perks your interest as we offer blissful services at great special rates just for you.

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Services We Offer

Sole Natural Men

All men work hard and do a lot everyday, so we have tailored our Sole Natural Men services just for the men out there. Our blissful services and offerings will melt away any stress and tension one might carry.

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Services We Offer

Sole Natural Image SkinCare

The skin is the largest organ on the body and the most abused, take care of your skin today by getting one of our signature Sole Natural SkinCare services today to make your skin shine and take years off.

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Services We Offer

Sole Natural Body Treatment

You havent lived until you have tried one of our luxuries body wrap that wraps around your body for detox, hydration, and or exfoliation.

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Benefits of Massage

There are so many wonderful benefits from a regular massage experience. Below are some of the main benefits from a massage.

Improves Mood

Regular Massages have shown to improve one's mood and even help with headaches and anxiety!

Introduces Relaxation and Bliss

Beyond the benefits for specific conditions or diseases, everyone enjoys massage because it produces feelings of caring, comfort and connection.

Release Tension

Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension

Junior AHouston, TX

“Elizabeth was great! At first it feels like you're entering a doctor's visit because they have you sign a form with preferences and medical past. That feeling goes away real quick when they explain that it's purpose is to customize the pressure and massage to you. Great service.”

Robert CHouston, TX

“Elaine was so wonderful and I didn't even get a massage, my wife did. I was provided wine, snacks and some TV to watch while my wife received her massage. She's currently pregnant and is having issues with swollen legs and feet. She was so pleased after her massage she couldn't stop smiling. Highly recommend this place.”

Hugo DSpring, TX

“All the positive reviews are so true. This was an awesome experience. In my case, it was very last minute. Was extremely tense for two weeks and they were able to accommodate me at the last minute for deep tissue massage. Atmosphere was awesome, therapist was awesome and constantly adjusting amount of pressure as needed.
Highly recommend it to anyone with anyone needing relief from tension pains.”

Omar FHouston, TX

“This place is a great get away from the mundane things that life brings. Just what the doctor ordered especially after a very stressful week!!! It was as if my masseuse knew exactly what I went through last week and had the solution. Elaine is very professional and accommodating to your every need. The decor is very inviting and this place has a great atmosphere. Did I mentioned that they catered to my wife? This is always a plus because happy wife happy life!!! Houston we have found our new spa!!!”

Lucy AWashington, DC

“Staff is so sweet and accommodating! Great massage and love the little details other places don't think of: providing a robe and a bag for you to put your items in, headphones to block out sound, and my favorite thing was the exfoliating scrub they do on your legs and feet! Such a pleasant surprise and would love to come back some time!”

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